FAQS about Maternity Photography Sessions and More

FAQS about Maternity Photography Sessions and More

When is the best time for a maternity photography session?

Around 30-32 weeks is a good rule of thumb. All pregnancies are different, some women might have a large bump at six months, others are barely noticeable at nine months. Generally, as long as you feel your bump is nice and round is the perfect time to have your pregnancy photoshoot.


How long do the sessions last?

Maternity photography sessions at my studio take around two hours. I have found it’s the perfect amount of time to capture a lovely variety of portraits in different outfits and poses..


Where is your studio and how does it look?

My welcoming studio in the heart of Richmond, west London and just up the road from Kew Gardens. My clients often comment on how lovely and spacious it is. See for yourself - I hope it exudes nothing but warmth and positivity.


I am not a natural in front of a camera…

The majority of my clients have admitted feeling the same way and are always pleasantly surprised how many images they love and look amazing in! I am here to guide you into flattering poses and ensure I bring out the genuine, authentic beauty of who you are. The result will a lovely collection of relaxed and creative portraits for you to choose from.

I promise you will have an enjoyable experience after which you will be waiting impatiently to view stunning images of your pregnant shape.


What should I wear to my pregnancy photoshoot?

You are welcome to bring any clothing you might want to use in your session. Body hugging dresses, your partner’s white shirt as well as matching lingerie all work well.


I have a selection of modern and timeless dresses, crop tops, leggins and gowns. Add to this a huge variety of fabrics and drapes in many colours for you to choose from. I am here to help and advise you on what will compliment your body shape the best and ensure you look your absolute best in all your maternity portraits.


Maternity nudes are not really me…

Think about it like this: This might be the only time in your life when you can get away with being nude in a photograph and still be proud to show it off to your family and friends. The studio lighting I use for pregnancy nudes creates elegant shadows and focuses on your bump.


I feel most mums-to-be choose me to capture their maternity portraits as pregnancy nudes are what I specialise in and shoot at over 99% of my sessions. Of course, I can recreate the same style of portrait with you either wearing underwear of even clothing for that matter. I am here to shoot images you will enjoying looking at for many years to come and if nudes are not your thing we will concentrate on many other styles of maternity photography I offer.


Looking for something a bit more creative?

Maternity Masterpieces

Maternity Masterpieces

As a creative maternity photographer I strive to deliver images not offered by any other studio. ‘Maternity Masterpieces’ and my ‘Avant-Garde’ series are unique in their styles and appeal to many mums-to-be who are looking for pregnancy portraits which stand out from the crowd.

Avant-Garde Maternity Portraits

Avant-Garde Maternity Portraits

Do you retouch images?

Yes! I work with three professional retouchers and your images will be retouched in a natural style (same as you can see on my website). Skin will be slightly smoothed, any spots removed, teeth whitened and a light 'nip and tuck' of double chins or other parts of the body is offered. Additional retouching such as fixing of tan lines, drastic slimming, and removal of tattoos is available at an extra cost. Price will always be quoted per each job beforehand.


How long will I have to wait to see my photos?

I shoot most sessions at weekends and images are ready to view and select a few days after your pregnancy photoshoot. I offer Skype or Google hangouts video calls where I share my screen with you to select your images. I use a professional programme which helps to compare and narrow down your choice of images with ease. We can discuss retouching at that point too. Overall, it should take you around 20-60 minutes to select images you have fallen in love with. Afterwards, they are professional retouched which only takes around a week. I believe I might be offering the fastest professional photography service in U.K.


What is the best way to display my maternity portraits?

My favourite product, which also happens to be the most popular, is a linen folio box with 14x12 inch mounted prints. The photographs are printed on archival paper by a professional photography lab. These are frame ready or can live happily in this stylish and elegant box. All printed images are also offered as matching digital files in colour as well as in black and white. This package offers the best of both worlds.


What is the cost of maternity photography?

Maternity sessions cost £125 at my studio.

Clients typically spend from £500 to £2000 on a la carte products or collections. Digital collections start at £300.

Love my work? Please contact me by hitting the button below for the full pricing and info guide.

Do you offer a maternity and newborn package?

Yes, any customers who have a maternity photography session with me and place an order from it are offered £200 off their full newborn package. The newborn session can take place at my studio or your home and this all inclusive session is up to four hours long and you receive 30 timeless images in colour as well as in black and white.


Do you have a hair and make-up artist you can recommend?

Absolutely, Rachel is a professional hair and make-up artist who has been collaborating with me for over five years. For your convenience she travels to your home to do your hair and make-up . If you are interested in booking Rachel do let me know and I’ll put you in touch with her. Lastly, please note you would be paying Rachel for her services directly as she is not employed by me

Nemi Miller