Baby Photography Past the Newborn Stage

Baby photography past the newborn stage.


What an amazing year so far for baby photography! I have had the pleasure of photographing lots of little people, watched my clients families grow, and got to capture many amazing moments!

It is such a privilege to photograph your beautiful babies – I just LOVE it!

Photographing babies takes a lot of time and patience, but the results are absolutely worth it.

The best baby photographs are taken when a baby is over 3 months old, just before they start crawling. The photography session will last just under 2 hours and will take place here, in my studio.

On the day of your photography session, I will have a range of props and blankets to use as backdrops, but if you have any special piece that you’d like photographed with your baby, please do not hesitate to let me know. I can also take photos of you with your baby, or even the whole family together – babies show GREAT interaction with parents!


What are the main differences between a baby photography session and a newborn one?


  • Babies tend to smile which makes it a fun session. We all know a child’s cheeky smile can cheer us up even on the worst of days.

  • All shots are taken with the baby awake (not sleeping as you would usually get with newborns). This is great as it shows off their character.

  • At this age their baby clothing tend to fit unlike a newborns clothes which tend to be too big.

  • You can get lovely portraits of babies in their nappy which shows off their super cute baby fat rolls.

As a professional photographer it’s up to me to set the lights and look for the best angles as well as gently direct you into a natural pose so you’ll be able to cherish these images forever.


Sessions are short and fast paced. Babies do get bored very quickly so I ensure I keep your baby interested and happy for the duration of you session.


It’s best to have a session first thing in the morning or after an afternoon nap time.

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To book your baby photography session at my Richmond studio please call me on 07740 866 946 or use the contact form.

Nemi Miller