Nemi is a professional maternity photographer. She offers creative and beautiful pregnancy photoshoots of women's journeys towards motherhood. London studio.



Maternity Photography

I want to capture your glow, above all else - I want to capture what it feels like, not just what it looks like.


Your journey as a mum begins here...

It all starts with you – being pregnant is hard work and it should be celebrated.

My maternity photography sessions are about capturing all the love and excitement you are feeling for the life growing inside of you.

Mums-to-be who choose to have a pregnancy photoshoot at my studio positively embrace their pregnancy. It's great to see a look of love, anticipation and hope beaming from their faces as they cuddle their bumps and to capture these genuine moments and emotions which produce irreplaceable keepsakes.



Artistic maternity nudes are my favourite portraits and ones which I shoot at 99% of my sessions. These stunning black and white photographs are now exceedingly popular and why not take this fantastic opportunity to have one captured of your stunning pregnant shape.

It’s suited best to black and white photography which always has a modern and timeless look to it.



To get the best results from your newborn photography session, I recommend you have your little one photographed within six weeks after giving birth.

After that time babies start to lose their newborn curl and tend not to be so sleepy which is needed to achieve the wonderful poses you have seen in my  baby photography gallery.



Family photography sessions are great fun and tend to be the quickest sessions I shoot. Children tend to have a short span of attention and I work fast to ensure we capture a lovely selection of images before they become disinterested and bored.

Always book a session around your children’s routine and we’ll have lots of beautiful portraits for you to hand on your walls.


About Me

My name is Nemi and I am an artist who specialises in contemporary portrait photography.

There is a moment during every shoot when I stop being a photographer, and you stop being a stranger. A fleeting second when my camera delivers more than an image, and captures a sense of you as a person. Gone in an instant yet preserved forever, it’s the magic of those moments that makes me love my job. 

Award-winning Maternity Photographer in 2016 &  Newborn Photographer of the Year 2017.

 Like all photographers, I obsess about lighting and composition, but my real passion is people. My clients come from all walks and stages of life. They come alone. They come as couples. They come as families. Some arrive with a clear idea of exactly what they want, others with a blank canvass. No client or project is ever the same, but all of them are generous enough to share a little of their journey with me. I consider it a privilege and a responsibility to make my living as a portrait photographer. I like to believe that when my work leaves the studio it starts a new life, becoming part of the history and fabric of a family.  I’m continually amazed by the thought that years from now, some of my photographs will still be looked at and talked about by my clients and the people they love. 

My photographic style is creative and soulful. 

I am constantly striving to improve my craft, but I am certainly not one of those photographers who thrives on science and technique. The satisfaction of this job comes with getting to know and work with people from all walks of life, each with their own unique story. I pride myself on an ability to understand what my clients really want.

If you’re interested in sharing a little of your journey with me, and would like to discuss your session, I would love to talk.

You can give me a call on 01684 301 373 or my mobile 07740 866 964.

As often I am busy shooting in my studio or on location feel free or drop me a line and I'll get back to you the same day.

Capturing the fleeting and precious moments of your life.


The Studio, 92 Kew Road, London, TW9 2PQ. MOBILE: 07740 866 964


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